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Fragadelphia X Hoodie

After TEN Fragadelphias, what better way can we thank the community. We decided to put your name on the sweater. YES, you. If you have attended a Fragadelphia or helped us out your name is on this sweater. This is a limited time print and we will also be selling a few at Fragadelphia X – January 13th-15th 2017.

Buy The Fragadelphia X Sweater – $40

Sweater ships January 12th

Cheeseadelphia Hoodie

We didn’t forget about our Starcraft community. If you have attended a Cheeseadelphia event you can expect your name to be on this sweater. It’s you that keeps Starcraft alive!

The printing of this sweater depends on you. If 25 sweaters are preordered we will print this sweater. If 25 pre-orders are not met you will be refunded.

Ammount preordered - 2/25
Preorder The Cheeseadelphia Sweater – $40

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