A Unique Advertising Opportunity — Reach millennials like no other medium can.

SunCenter Studios

The culmination of the last three years of events.

  • 4 Esports Tournaments
  • 4 Simultaneous Live Streams
  • Three Day Event
  • Dedicated Esports Arena & Venue

Event Information

NSGSC combines North America’s largest open CS:GO & Starcraft tournaments with Rocket League, and Hearthstone for a weekend like Philadelphia has never seen before. NSG joins forces with Sun Center Studios to produce our event on their 33 acre movie production studio estate just south of Philadelphia and nearby the Philadelphia International Airport.

The event will take place in Studio 3 equipped with a 1,000 person main stage arena, 4 separate gaming rings, a Virtual Reality Arcade, and a food truck food court. Our 2000 visitors will spend most of their 3 day period on premises, providing a unique and intimate advertising experience.

Our web streams historically go out to hundreds of thousands of viewers over a 3 day period with tens of thousands of peak live viewership. Our stream demographic is the increasingly valuable millennial demographic providing your brand with meaningful exposure opportunities.

Four Esport Tournaments

Fragadelphia 11

  • Largest Open North American CSGO Tournament
  • Over 2,500,000 Views
  • Over 350,000 Hours Viewed

Cheesadelphia 4

Largest Independent Starcraft 2 Event in North America.

70,000+ hours viewed.

Rocket League

Boost Legacy has run over 100 Rocket League tournaments

1,000+ Participants


64 Players

Naming Rights Availible

N3rd Street Gamers

N3RD STREET GAMERS, founded in 2014 by Steve Csikos and Rob Hilsky, has hosted over 20 gaming events, and paid out over $115,000 in Prizes to 1,000+ Participants.

The Largest Open Tournaments in North America
Participants have traveled from across the US, Europe, & South America to compete. Demand has forced us to expand capacity with every event.

The 2017 Summer Championships will be the culmination of 3 years of expansion.

64 Team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament
64 Player Starcraft 2 Tournament
64 Teams Rocket League
64 Player Hearthstone Tournament

Combined Over $50,000 in Tournament Prizes










Our Audience

Age Demographics

Regional Reach













Venue Partner Advertising Options

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    Premier Booth Space

    Your booth positioned in high-traffic areas.

  • Connector.

    Private Player Lounge

    Have your very own branded private player lounge.

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    On-Site Food Options

    Brand Food trucks, food stands, and players meals.

  • Connector.

    Campus Wide WiFi and 10 Gb Fiber

    Name the network.

  • Connector.

    Player & Spectator Common Lounge

    Longer engagements in the lounge where players and spectators spend their down-time.

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    On-Site Private Office Space

    Carve out your own satellite office on our office floor.

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    500 Parking Spaces

    Engage players and spectators before they enter the door.

Booth Mock-ups

Venue Layout – Over 20,000 Square Feet

Download Map Image

Broadcast Partner Advertising Options

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    Logo On Broadcast

    Your logo either rotating or static on stream.

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    Your Commercial Broadcasted

    Either a 30 second, or 60 second commercial, during high-value matches and every break.

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    Lower Fourth Animation

    Have your brand injected in to a live game. Let us create an eye catching animation for you.

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    Creative Contest Live On Stream

    Need more followers on your social account? Just want to have fun with our viewers?

  • Connector.

    Creative Product Review Live On Stream

    Let our casters review your product and have fun with it.

  • Connector.

    Product On Caster Desk

    Have your product naturally ingrained on our caster desk,

  • Connector.

    Product Displayed On Stage

    Let viewers see your product along side their favorite professional gamers.

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    Tournament Naming Rights

    Brand on of our events. Let our 20+ years of experience run the best event for your brand.

In-Game Advertising Options

Let’s get creative. Have your brand slide in during a live broadcast and promote your product.

Caster Voice Over Example

Our casters love to have fun during our breaks. This particular clip has been seen by over 13,000 viewers

Contact Us For Partnership Options

Stephen “sasquatch” Csikos