Philadelphia Madden Challenger
Player and Spectator Updates

This page will be consistently updated with information for all players and spectators.

Players MUST bring their own controller. If your controller is wireless, you must also bring a usb wire for it.
PLUS in-ear ear buds for games played on stage. (Your own headphones are allowed if they are sound canceling i.e. BEATs)


Bring This Waiver Signed.
There is free 24/7 parking on most streets around the venue.


View the live brackets on challonge.


Please show up 30 minutes before your scheduled start time.


Doors: 10:00 AM
Group A – C: 10:30AM
Group D – F: 1:00PM
Group G – ?: 4:00PM




8.1. Settings Dictated by Head to Head Mode

  • 2.1 Quarter Length: 4 minutes
  • 2.2 Event type: Superbowl
  • 2.3 Even teams: Off
  • 2.4 Play Clock: 40 seconds (set by default)
  • 2.5 Skill Level: All-Pro
  • 2.6 Weather: Clear
  • 2.7 Injuries: Off
  • 2.8 Fatigue: On (Dictated by Game Mode)
  • 2.9 Accelerated Clock: Off
  • 2.10 Game Speed: Normal
  • 2.11 Sliders: Default

Competitors can adjust the following settings provided that there are no bugs or game imbalances caused within the Competition mode.

  • 8.2.1 Auto Sprint: Default On
  • 8.2.2 Auto Strafe: Default On
  • 8.2.3 Heat Seeker: Default On
  • 8.2.4 Ball Hawk: Default On
  • 8.2.5 Switch Assist: Default Off
  • 8.2.6 Auto Play Flip: Off
  • 8.2.7 Camera Setting: Standard

8.4 Additional Gameplay Rules (Online Elimination and Live Finals)

  • 8.4.1 Onside Kicks: Onside kicks are not allowed in the first half. A Competitor may attempt an onside kick at any time in the 2nd half.
  • 8.4.2 Excessive Offsides: Neither the offense nor defense should purposefully go offsides with the intent of delaying the game nor exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct. Intent is at the sole discretion of the tournament administration.
  • 8.4.3 Improper Audibles: Competitors may not audible out of the QB Kneel, Wildcat, Field Goal, or Punt formations.

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Live Stream


Use the MADDEN-Support Channel in our discord.

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Players or fans with disabilities/special needs, please contact or find Chris Palac onsite for accommodations.