Fragadelphia is N3rd Street Gamer’s Counter-Strike series. We host semi-professional/amateur tournaments and clinics under the Fragadelphia flag.

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Fragadelphia Event Information and Status

Fragadelphia 11 LAN

Our major CSGO LAN tournament. MAX 32 teams battle on LAN for a large prize pot. This is a semi-pro event. See how you match-up against rising stars.

Stay Tuned.

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Fragadelphia .5 Events

Our local 1 day CSGO LAN tournament. MAX 16 teams. This event is meant for local players to prepare for the larger Fragadelphia event.

Stay Tuned.

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Fragadelphia Bootcamp

Reserve a seat for the whole day. Play pick-up CSGO matches on LAN. Teams are sorted randomly through out the day and night.

April 15th

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